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Patients: This website was originally intended to be based on clinical data on eye drops alone for Eye Care and Health Care Professionals, however from its launch in March 2015 it has quickly grown to include other types of eye care products and services that Eye Care/Health Care Professionals would want to know about. This Patient section you are now in was added in May 2016 as an extra resource for patients, the main focus of the website will remain primarily on Eye Care/Health Care Professionals, however this Patient section will surely grow and help patients in certain areas of eye care.

The website will have an 'eye care' leaning, so will probably appeal to people who want to relate to an Eye Care Professional, in the same way they do to their doctor or dentist (but with weekend appointments available!) and like that relationship reciprocated. We, and many other Eye Care Professionals, like to think there is more to eye care than seeing someone once every two years. If you would like to suggest how the site could help you with the aspects of eye care, specifically Dry Eye or Contact Lenses, we would be pleased to receive an email sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. we will not pass your email address to any other parties without your consent, unfortunately I cannot undertake to reply to all emails.

As the name of the website is Eye Drops Database, I thought it helpful to have a page dedicated to the what Dry Eye drops can and can't do, and what you should do and what you shouldn't do with them! See the page; Dry Eye Drops - What Can They Do and How Do I Use Them? Take time to read The Joy of Contact Lenses which opens the door on the wonderful expanding world of contact lenses, interesting for past, present and future contact lens wearers. 

A recently added page relate's to Clinical Trials - Can You Help?, which you may be interested in being part of, these trial are important in furthering our knowledge of how to help people benefit from our increasing expertise and technical developments and you may benefit directly. 

Guest Articles were added in June 2016, the first by Ross Ferguson, entitled The Pharmacist Can See You Now, more will follow written for you as a patient, by knowledgeable authorities in their field. A number of patients expressed a interest in having easier access to specialist Eye Care Professionals and suggested the 'Referral Directories' previously primarily intended for use between Eye Care & Health Care Professionals should be made more readily available to patients, therefore In March 2018 the 'Referral Directories' were also placed in the Patient Section. 

Before exploring further pages it cannot be stressed too highly that any intended user of this section of the site should read the Patient Section's Disclaimer found on this site.

The development and compilation of this website is a continuing labour of love, we hope you find it useful and interesting.

Andrew D Price FBDO(Hons)CL MBCLA COA, The ADP Consultancy.


PS: My consultancy provides a wide range of services to help build Eye Care practices (CET, Dry Eye/Allergy Eye Clinic Set-Up support etc) or industry (clinical studies, product education etc). I also see Dry Eye/Blepharitis and Contact Lens patients.