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Clinitas Soothe (Vials). Altacor Ltd.

  • Sterile Preservative Free solution containing:
  • Sodium Hyaluronate 0.4%
  • Monobasic Sodium Phosphate
  • Dibasic Sodium Phosphate
  • Sodium Chloride
  • Water for injections
  • Osmolarity 275 - 297*
  • Viscocity 40 - 70cps.
Bondeye and wholesalers.
How supplied
Sterile preservative free drops in single-day use (0.5g) resealable plastic vials in (x 20/carton) sealed pouches.
ECP/HCP to advise. Generally 1 drop on each eye two to three times daily.
CL Use
Yes, if required.
Dry Eye. Lubrication. For the relief of irritation, dry, burning and foreign body sensations.
Contra-Indications / Cautions
Hypersensitivity to product/class/component. Pregnancy/lactation - EDDB. Wait at least 15 minutes between other drop applications. Reseal vial after use. Discard vial 12 hours after first use. Store below 25C. Advise pt to read and understand all accompanying product information before first use - EDDB.
Adverse Reactions
"Rare: Temporary blurring of vision - pt to wait a until clear vision is restored". If irritation occurs, persists or increases, pt to discontinue use and consult ECP/HCP
Legal Category


1. A range of eye drops under the brand name Soothe by Bausch & Lomb are occasionally available in the UK - these are not related to Altacor Clinitas Soothe.

2. Because products are regularly improved and change, product data and advice may occasionally change. As a result, EDDB recommends that you and your patient always read the product label and Patient Information Leaflet carefully before using any products. Please do not solely rely on the information provided on this website. Because of this, EDDB is unable to accept liability for any inaccuracies or incorrect information contained on this site.

*Dutecu R M, Panfil C, Schrage N. Osmolarity of prevalent eye drops, side effects and therapeutic approaches. Cornea: Vol 34, 5, May 2015.