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AutoDrop Drop Dispenser (Compliance Aid). Waiting data.

"The AutoDrop is designed to work with the AutoSqueeze".
Glaucoma UK (pending?). Tel 01233 648170
How supplied
"Please note that refunds cannot be given for hygiene reasons". "As a UK based charity, .... only able to send goods free of charge within the UK".
"It holds the bottle and helps aim the drop into ..... eye while .... squeeze the bottle with .... fingers".
CL Use
Not specified.
"A small device suitable for a wide range of eye drop bottles".
Contra-Indications / Cautions
"It works well with most bottles except those containing Cosopt*, Trusopt*, Travatan, Xalatan, Xalacom, Timoptol and Duotrav. *Unless round shape bottles. If ... unsure if this device will fit .... eye drop bottle, please call Sightline on 01233 648170 who will be able to advise ...". Hypersensitivity to product/class/component. Advise pt to read and understand all accompanying product information before first use - EDDB.
Adverse Reactions
If irritation occurs, persists or increases, Pt to discontinue use and consult ECP/HCP - EDDB. If vision changes or irritation occurs, persists or increases, pt to discontinue use and consult ECP/HCP.
Legal Category


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